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Vourliotes is located on an altitude of approximately 300meters above sea-level which is on the 16th km of the road that connects Samos Town with Karlovasi, is the detour that after 5 km leads to the village of Vourliotes. It is one of the first villages of the island and it has been built at the end of 16th or beginning of the 17th century.

There’s abundance of water and the village has many narrow streets and traditional houses The area is with lush vegetation, covered with pine trees and vineyards.. In general it’s a very nice village with a great view to the north.

One km before the village detour and on the beach is the settlement of Avlakia which once was the seaport of Vourliotes. Nowadays this settlement is developing on its own because of tourism.

There is the monastery of “Vronta” or “Panagia Vrontiani” (Holy Mary of Vronta) two km to the south and on an altitude of 460 meters. 

From here you can also go for a walk on the Karvounis mountain following various mountain tracks.

The mountain village of Vourliotes is well worth a visit either by the mountain track or by car using the steep winding road off the coast road a little to the west of Kokkari

A little further west off the coast road is The Valley Of The Nightingales, very pleasant walking and the possibility of hearing a nightingale.