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Visit Turkey in a day

While you are in Samos, and while there are just a few miles between the two countries Turkey and Greece, why not travel to Kusadasi for a day and enjoy a different country with a different culture?

You can travel to Turkey with a daily return ferry from Samos, and visit Kusadasi and Ephesus Ancient city. Kusadasi is one of the most popular resorts of Turkey and the fame mainly comes from the 3000 year old ancient city nearby Kusadasi: Ephesus. 

Also in Kusadasi, you may enjoy the vivid colors of the orient, and taste Turkish & Ottoman cuisine.

From the beginning of April to the end of October, daily ferries run between Samos and Kusadasi, in the morning and in the afternoon. You may take the morning ferry to Kusadasi, Turkey, and come back with the afternoon ferry. The trip takes approximately 1,5 hours and passport is required.

We recommend you to visit Ephesus because:

- It was once the capital of Roman Empire. 

- The city witnessed three different religions: Paganism, Jewishness and Christianity.

- Ephesus is one of the seven churches.

- St Paul lived in Ephesus.

- St John visited Ephesus to spread Christianity.

- The third biggest library of the ancient world is in Ephesus.

- Ephesus hosted Greek, Roman and Byzantium civilizations. 

- And the most important thing is that Ephesus is the best preserved ancient city of the world.

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