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Potami Waterfalls

In September 2015, I was in Samos for 4 days. At one of the days I went to Potami beach with my family. It was a bit windy that day that we did not want to lay all day long, and decided to take a walk to Potami waterfall which I did hear about a few times previously.

Behind Potami beach, to the mountains, the sign shows the little path to the waterfall. On the way, I came across an ancient chapel, which is still in use as inside there were the pictures of Jesus Christ and a Bible. 

Continuing my way to the waterfall, I saw a few people returning back from the place, wet. I thought they wanted to swim and they jumped into water, but when I got deeper, I realised that you have to get into the water (like ice!) to reach the waterfall. About 500 mt inside the path, you have to continue your way from the shallow water. I had sandals as shoes as I did not have an idea about the path, but I would strongly recommend water shoes for future travellers. The water is cold, and the ground is marshy and there are small rocks which are slippery.

On the half way, just before getting into the water, I saw on my left a very steep wooden stairs. This wooden stairs up leaded me to a cafe situated on the top of a hill. It might be an ideal place to rest and have some drinks before continuing the walk. I did not have a penny with me, so I could not even drink water, therefore my second advice would be: Take some money with you!

The stairs down is a shortcut to the waterfall. Enjoy the atmosphere, cool at the ice cold water of the waterfall and take your time to relax.

On the way back, I wanted to try to walkpath rather than the stairs, and it was too late when I realized that there was no path, I had to climb down with a robe, jump from 2 meters to a pond, and get into water till my neck. Stay away from this route if you dont want to get hurt, and use the stairs. But if you are an adrenalin addict, go go go!

Here I am back at my secure office desk with a little bruise on my knee, but I know it worths trying and I would do it again!