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Villages of Samos

The villages in Samos are mostly situated on the two main mountains, Karvounis and Kerkis. These typical Greek villages are the heart of agricultural economy, producing wine and olive oil. Because of the fertile agricultural fields among those mountains, an important number of Samos inhabitants lived in the interior of the island. These villages enabled easy access to crops and fields.

Small, mostly two storied houses were attached wall to wall to each other, and were built in clusters. The streets between the houses were narrow, giving access to horse and donkey only. The main buildings were the church and the school. There were a few squares surrounded by wells, houses, shops and coffee houses, depending on the capacity of the village. 

Interior of the houses were simple. The ground floor was a kind of an pen, keeping the domestic animals. The second floor usually had one large room with a fireplace for heating and for cooking purposes. A sink with a water jug underneath, some shelves for tools and kitchen equipment, and sofas for sleeping were the other furniture of the room. On the floor, there was the “ambari”, the stock room for cereals.

Today, although much has changed, the villages of Samos still carry their characteristics. The tourism has developed and technology has improved, but you can still live the atmosphere of the typical Greek village with little handmade curtains at the windows, narrow streets with small coffee shops and taverns and geraniums all over the villages with all the variations of pink and red. 

The access to vilages are available by your rental car as the roads are curved but in good condition. Some might choose to walk as well; the paths are mostly full of high trees and several kinds of green that enables you to experience the natural flora of the island. Remember, you would never see the real Greece unless you visit a village.