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Weather in Samos

With its warm Mediterranean climate, Samos enjoys hot dry days during the summer season, and boasts one of the longest periods of sunshine in Greece. Because of the many and high mountains, there is a lot of rainfall in Samos. They help to keep the landscape lush and green.

Temperature variations throughout the year, as well as during a day are very limited and minimum temperatures very rarely fall under the freezing point. The absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum temperatures ever recorded at the Samian Meteorological Station were 38,2 C and -4,3 C respectively.  

The most rainy season is of course winter while summer is almost completely dry. The rest of rain falls in early spring and in late fall. From mid April and onwards until mid October the rainfalls are rare and many times hazardous for agriculture, especially in springtime.

North wind is the prevailing wind in Samos and during summer it blows almost constantly cooling the island. South winds, that carry most of the rain, blow mainly during the winter period along with all sorts of other winds.

Sunshine on the island is one of the longest in Greece, since, for a semester and possibly more, during the summer period, there is hardly a cloud in the sky.