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Samos Archaeological Museum
Samos Archaeological Museum

Samos Archaeological Museum is located near the port of Vathy, close to the Town Hall and the Central Park of the capital. Samos Archaeological Museum is regarded as one of the most interesting provincial museums in Greece. Two buildings in the capital town of the island, a neoclassical ( old ) and a modern, house the Museum. The Old Museum, built in 1912 and formerly housing the "Paschaleion archives". The New Museum which was inaugurated in 1987 and contains the Archaic sculpture collection. The building was erected at the expense of the "Volkswagen" cultural foundation. It contains the following collections:

Archaic Sculpture, Pottery, Bronzes, Ivory objects, Wooden items, Clay figurines, Small objects from Egypt and Persia etc..

Various items dating back to the Hellenistic, the Prehistoric, the Geometric and the Archaic period. There are exhibits from the Archaic Period, a large number of pieces of sculpture from the 5th, 6th and 7th centuries B.C, kores and kouroi (above life-size), sarcophagi, Ionian columns and much more. Also included in the collection are pieces from the Hellenistic period, such as statues (above life size), grave relics and votive offerings.

The upper floor contains finds from the German excavations at Heraion. Also included are Sculptures from the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods, Geometric, Archaic and classical pottery. Bronze, ivory, and wood statuettes and artifacts from the Geometric and Archaic ages. Pottery from Rhodes and Laconia, statuettes and vessels from Cyprus, statuettes from Egypt, Persia and Assyria, pre-historic vessels from the Heraion, funeral gifts from the Mycenaean grave in the village of Myli, etc.

In former times, temple robbery was punished with death penalty. Today, the records of the temple of Hera are in the Archaeological Museum of Samos, one of the most important museums of entire Greece. Still today you should not risk taking anything away. The museum exposes numerous records and the valuable Statue of Kouros, 4,8m high. This one, you wouldn't be able to carry anyway.

Telephone: +30 22730 27469

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 08.30-15.00 / Monday: closed 

Entrance fee: Full admission 3 Euro / Reduced admission 2 Euro