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Samos island

The public library is located on the sea front between the Catholic Church and National Bank of Greece. You can find a nice collection of books. 

The square of St. Spyridon is a historic church in which to unite Samos with Greece decision was taken. The telephone company offices (O.T.E.) take place next to the church. There is a building on the opposite side of the Square which housed the Samos Parliament during the Protectorate. 

Now it is the Town Hall and the National Assembly is still be seen. You may also visit the Municipal Art Gallery, includes portraits of the heroes of the War of Independence and the Princes of the island. The post office also is in the same building.

The Archaeological Museum is next to the Town Hall. The Municipal Gardens lie in front of the Town Hall, and there is a memorial to the fallen of the 1912.

According to mythology, in this Aegean Sea island, in the banks of river Imvrassos, goddess Hera was born. Mythology claims Samos island as the home of Poseidon, god of the sea, of Apollo, and of Dionysus as well. In tradition, Hera, the goddess of fertility and childbirth was generous in the blessing, which she bestowed here at every level. Today, in this location visitors can see the remains of the Temple dedicated to her. It is an imposing building, one of the biggest and most important of its era.

The island has a temperate climate, cool in summer and mild in winter, while its beautiful beaches are bathed in sunlight eight months of a year. Sun is shining all over the island for more than a semester, during summer season, when clouds are rare in the sky. The Samos climate is typically Mediterranean. Few rainfalls are occurring during the hot summers and the mild winters. Strong north and north-west winds are blowing all year long and are keeping the temperatures in a maximum of 29 degrees Celsius during summer.

It is not easy to find anywhere else in the world with a historical and social heritage of such influence as that of Samos.

In Samos you'll relax. You'll feel unique renewed, and you'll come back again and again.