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Daily Samos

Samos is an ideal place for daily visits. There are so many things you can do in one day! And there are options for all types of tourists. We recommend you to rent a car as to get through the island easily and faster.

Do you want to discover the history of the Island? 

Drive your way to find the spectacular places that Samos has for you! Start with a one hour visit at the Samos Museum in Samos Town, probably one of the most interesting museums in Greece . A large number of pieces from Archaic, Hellenistic and Roman Periods are presented at the museum.

After the visit to the museum at Samos town, drive south east about 7-8 km to Pythagorion, where you can visit the impressing Temple of Hera and the famous Pythagoras Cave, the place where the famous philosopher used to live and study! Before going up to the cave, you may stop by a restaurant near the hill for some refreshments.

You still have time to catch the sunset at one of the small traditional taverns located by the yacht marina at Pythagorion, where you can also taste local cuisine.

Do you want to travel for discovering the local traditions?

In one day you can find out so many things about life on a Mediterranean Island, just by visiting the villages in Samos. Visit Manolates and Vourliotes superb villages.

You can eat there Greek traditional food, in quiet and little restaurants, you can drink Ouzo, or the famous local Samos wine and just relax, admiring the landscape. There are also nice little shops, for those who want to buy souvenirs.

Do you want just a nice day for relaxation and swim?

Samos is full of great beaches! Your first stop may be Potami, the virgin beach on the north west of the island. It is a 8-10 km drive from Samos town. The sea is crystal clear and the color turned to light Havaiian blue. There stands one of the coolest place on the island, Hippies . You may take your lunch at this recommended cafe.

As the sun stars going down, go to Kokkari, one of the most beautiful towns on the way back to Samos town, a quiet environment, ideal for relaxation. Visit the local shops, where you can find everything you want.

Buy Metaxa, a great Greek brandy. Finish you day with a special meal, at Meltemi, a place where you are served directly on the beach, so you can eat while you are admiring the beautiful sunset.