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Overnight in Samos
Overnight in Samos

You may spend a full day and night in Samos Island by experiencing several things, ranging from historical to fun and sun. On your first day, we recommend you to take a start with a relaxation at one of the beaches at Kokkari or Potami, located at the north- west of the island. At Potami, you may have your lunch at the Hippies, and in Kokkari, you may choose from one of the several restaurants located by the beach.  

In the afternoon, go to Karlovassi, the second largest town and harbor on Samos. After a short ride through the town, we recommend you to take the minor road to Pythagorion, where you may come across several little villages and pottery shops. Please note that the road between Karlovassi and Pythagorean crosses the island from the middle, and with many bends. You should give this passage about an hour.

And then as the sun goes down, you are at Pythagorion town. If you are staying overnight in Samos, we recommend you to spend the evening at Pythagorion, where the town stands awake longer than other locations. Here you may shop or take a nice dinner at one of the traditional taverns located by the yacht harbor.

For the next day, we recommend you to use the morning breeze to visit the ancient ruins and temples, such as the Temple of Hera and the Pythagoras Cave.