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2 nights 3 days in Samos
2 nights 3 days in Samos

For a better travel experience at the island, we recommend you to rent a car on your arrival. Now you can drop your luggage  at the trunk and stay wherever you like!

You may start your trip from Samos town and take the road to the right, to the north of the island. If you drive by the coast, you will pass by Kokkari and Karlovassi, and at the end you will arrive at one of the best beaches of the Island, Potami. Here you may spend an afternoon enjoing the sun and the sea. There are small cafes around for snacks and beverages. Try to have a light food in the afternoon as to be prepared for a delicious Greek dinner by the evening.

 If you would have a long afternoon at Potami, and if you like adventure, we recommend you to take a walk to the waterfall. Note that this route is hard level, and you might have to climb at some sections and surely get wet. The waterfall trip takes approximately 45 minutes in total.

After a nice and relaxing afternoon at Potami beach, drive to Kokkari to find a place to stay at night, and to get prepared for the evening. Kokkari is one of the most popular towns of Samos Island, with cute little streets , fish restaurants and cafes by the coast. You may choose between one of the nice restaurants to taste fresh sea food.

Good morning to your second day at the Island! Return back to the junction at Samos town, and follow the Kerveli sign until you see the sign to Possidonio. This little bay is on the south of the island, the weather is more calm and the sea is sandy.  Here you may spend the day and the little cafes on the bay will be at your service for breakfast and lunch.

In the afternoon, you may drive to Pythagorion by taking the road to the west. Here at Pythagorion, you may visit the souvenir shops for nice gifts, and have your afternoon coffee by the seaside overlooking the yachts.  Pythagorion is probably the most popular town of Samos Island, and is usually the most crowded one. Here you may spend the evening on a traditional Greek tavern, and stay at one of the hotels around.

For the third day, you may go back to the Possidonio junction but this time take the road to the right to Klima bay. Swim just across the Turkish coast, and you may have snacks or beverages at one of the cafes on the bay.

Now its time to go.. Don’t forget to buy Ouzo before leaving the Island!