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Routes of Samos

Before you start your tour on Samos Island, you can make your program according to routes. On the following routes, we are offering some possibilities that can help you to see a lot of places in your limited time.

1st Route:

Vathy-Gangos-Ag.Paraskevi-Zoodochos Pigi-Ag.zoni-Psili Ammos

The starting point of the journey is Vathy. You can swim at glorious beaches and can see the two old Monasteries called Zoodochos Pigi and Agia Zoni in that region.

Following the Easter ward way from its port, with large pebbles and clear water the beach of Gangos is another place to swim. Just near the beach there are a lot of taverns and hotels situated giving you a chance to have a rest.

Afterwards, you can return to Vathy and lead the road to Zoodochos Pigi, a fork road terminates you to Vlamari. Located here is the very old ruins Church of Agia Zoni. In 1695 a loyal priest was aided by the residents to build a new church which finally became a monastery.

It is worth stopping at the monastery to admire the wall murals dating back to the 17th century, the wooden iconostasis that was crafted in 1801 as well as the small 19th century icons that adorn the church.

Also another notable monastery, Zoodochos Pigi of Kotsika is located 5 km. away from Vathy which took its name from the remembrance of the vision of a priest from New Ephesus who around 1730 saw in his sleep an icon of the Virgin Mary at the roots of a cedar tree (by local dialect kotsika). When he dug up the roots he actually found the icon and he finally built a complete monastery around the old church. 

At the foot of monastery lies the beach of Mourtia. In addition to that beach Psili Ammos beach is very famous on the island. In addition to these beaches Kerveli and Platanaki which are located after Paleokastro are also popular.

At the end of the route you can visit two charming villages called Poseidonio and Klima are just a short distance from Vathy and Pythgorio.

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