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On the north - east side of the Samos island is situated Vathy, with the seat of the municipality the town of Samos. Built amphitheatrically around a large bay, it is a harmonious fusion of Aegean Sea colours, a neoclassical coastal zone and the gorgeous beaches surrounding it. Vathy is one of the 3 main ports on the Samos island and is almost linked to Samos, although the division between the 2 towns is difficult to see.

The town of Samos or Vathy ( locals call it ), capital of the island today, stands on the north east corner of the island. Vathy has a population of 9,000 people and is a mixture of old and new buildings. Most of the inhabitants of Vathy are occupied in tourism and agriculture with vines and olives being the primary products of the village. 

In the old days tobacco was also widely cultivated. The Vathy port lies in the centre of the eastern side of the bay, which lends its name to the city. The town is slowly expanding round the amphitheatrical bay. Limin Vatheos or Kato Vathy ( the locals call it ) is the most lively place on the Samos island, especially during the touristic season. The rich historic part of the island is established by the ruins, the finds and the remnants of its famous ancient sites. The historic church of Agios Spyridon, the building that housed the Parliament, the Town Hall and the Archaeological and the Byzantine Museum are all tokens of the historic past of the island and great tourist attractions.

The settlements of: Agia Zoni with 71 residents, Agia Marcella with 9, Agia Triada with 22, Agios Athanasios with 36, Varelas with 48, Drosia with 29, Zervou with 48, Zoodochos Pigi with 11, Camara with 171, Kedros with 73, Koumarionas with 48, Mesocampos with 41, Moraitochori with 24, Nicola with 60, Panayitsa with 30, Platanos with 22, Tourkomylonas with 42 and Floca with 65 residents all belong to the district of Vathy.