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Kokkari is located in an area with an abundance of olive and pine trees and vineyards.

The name of the Kokkari village is derived from the large quantities of onions which its fields once produced (kokkari in Greek means small onion). The settlement began to build in the beginning of the 19th century on the ruins of an older Christian settlement by residents of Mitilinioi village and possibly from a few more villages. It was initially located on two small hills that overview the place but it soon expanded on the valley below.In the northern part of the island of Samos, 10 km from the capital and nestled between two small protective capes that captivate the gaze, is Kokkari, the most picturesque and touristic village of island. People who are simple, kind-hearted, hospitable. In the old days people were mainly occupied in fishing and agriculture while in nowadays mostly with tourism. 

Here in Kokkari, the vegetation is luxuriant. The beaches endless. The sea crystal clear. Bars and cafes that are right on the waterfront. Wonderful tavernas and sensational clubs all make Kokkari the liveliest and most exciting place on the island. This is also where surfing lovers can catch a wave. There you can find as well a school for wind surfing.

The nearby beaches of Lemonakia, Tsamadou and Tsambou, each more spectacular than the next, organized, with pebbles, grass down to the beach and well-frequented, will enchant you. The luxuriant hills nearby and the mountain villages full of flowers, offer themselves to you for hiking with an extraordinary view of the Aegean Sea.