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Ouzo - Greek Ouzo

Ouzo is not produced in any other part of the world except Greece, it is a 100% Greek product and Greece's National drink.

The creation of ouzo is made from a precise combination of pressed grapes and herbs and berries. It is the best Greek aperitif well known all over the world for its special flavor of anise. Samos Ouzo is one of the best ouzo in Greece. Most Greeks drink ouzo with Greek mezes, if you are in a Samos island try as meze grilled octopus or salted macerel, always something salty goes well with ouzo. 

The best way to drink ouzo is to mix it with water, but you can drink Ouzo straight as well. When water or ice is added to ouzo, which is clear in color, it turns milky white; this is because of the essential oil of anise, is soluble in alcohol but not in water. Ouzo drinking is an art. Or maybe it's a way of life. Ouzo is discerned from a pleasant aggressive that balances their scents, bringing revolution in senses and giving the sweet remembrance and glee of every peculiar time in life.

Balanced and good ouzo may contents until 46% alcohol, to be able to travel all over the world, unaffected from the climate and to be strong against the affection of the time, keeping its aroma and the flavor.