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Samos Wine
Samos Wine

Wine was for the Ancient Greek the drink of the Gods, still today the Greek wine is for the Greeks the most popular drink.

The Island of Samos has a remarkable wine heritage, stretching back perhaps as far as 1200 BC.

The Muscat wine Samos, with a guaranteed appellation of origin, is produced from the grapes bearing the same name, cultivated on the slopes of Mount Ambelos, on the traditional island tiered terraces up to an altitude of 900m with every hectare carefully controlled for a low yield. The aromas of the Samos Muscat wines are both rich and unique.

Sweet wines: Samos Nectar, Samos Vin Doux, Samos Anthemis, Holy Cummunion Wine, Grand Gru etc...

Dry Wines: Samaina, Samaina Golden, Doryssa, Selena, Retsina, Samaina win sec., Ageopelagitiko etc...