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Olive Oil
Olive Oil, Greek Olive Oil

Greece is the 3rd largest producer of olive oil. Every Greek kitchen is well-supplied with liters of olive oil. Greek people use it as a dip for bread, for salad dressings and poured over soups, cheese, rusks and a multitude of other dishes.

If you are holidaying in Samos try to look out for the new season’s olive oil, known as agourelaio, bright green in color and an aromatic fruity flavor. We don’t recommend to buy blended oils.

Olive oil, the product extracted by the olives is classified into six grades:

1- Extra Virgin: It is virgin olive oil with an extremely fine taste and an acidity of not more than 1%. It comes from first pressings that meet the ultimate standards.

2- Virgin or Select: This oil has an exceptionally fine taste and its acidity level does not exceed 2%. It comes from first pressings that meet defined standards.

3- Pure or Edible: This oil has a good taste and its acidity level is up to 1.5%. This is a mixture of refined and virgin or extra virgin.

4- Refined or Commercial: Consists of lampante from which acid, color, and odor have been removed.

5- Lamp ante: High-acid oil, obtained from a second pressing of residual pulp with hot water.

6- Sulfide: Extracted with solvents and refined repeatedly.