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It is the main tourist resort on the island. On the southeastern side of the island and on the location of the ancient city of Samos, lies Pythagorio. Many yachts and sailing boats moor here in the large, picturesque harbour. From here it is also possible to travel by boat to several Aegean islands. Here, on the ground tread by the great philosophers Pythagoras, Aristarchus, Epicure, Aesop, you?ll have the opportunity to become acquainted with the culture and history of ancient Samos.

There are several archeological sites worth visiting in the area. To visit unique archeological sites. To let yourself be charmed by the wonder of nature. Other sites of Pythagorion are the statue of Pythagoras, the Castle of Likourgos, the Church of Metamorphosis, The Ephpalinos Tunnel, the Church of Spiliani with its chapel in the cave, the Roman Baths, The Lake of Glifada.

To enjoy the sun and sea in crystal-clear waters. To discover beautiful, picturesque villages. To meet hospitable people who continue to work in traditional trades and make traditional products. To enjoy the nightlife to its fullest. 

The town used to be known as Tigani, because of its shape, but later was named after the mathematician Pythagoras.

Pythagorio, unique cultural jewel of the Aegean, has been declared as a Unesco Cultural World Heritage Site.