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Manolates is situated 25 km northwest of Samos.

The visitor can see a stream and many trees that reach up to 15 meters high. Wandering around Manolates you can see hens, goats and donkeys that are the only mean of transportation for the farmers.

At Manolates you can find food, good local wine, and Greek coffee fit for connoisseurs. There are restaurants, bars, and tavernas in and outside the village. When you sit down to eat at the tavernas, you will be served, without charge, with chick - pea croquettes, " souma ", the local version of grappa, wine made locally, and fruit in season.

From Manolates you can follow a dirt track to the village of Stavrinides, which lies to the west. 

Note: On the way to the top of the mountain, you will see a crossroad where the sign to the left shows the way to Manolates village and the sign to the right to somewhere else. After visiting the Manolates village, we tried to road to the right, and guess what? After a 10 minutes ride, we came across to the same village.