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Greek Products

Natural products: Olives and olive oil ( The Greek olive and its virgin oil is considered as one of the best in the world ), Honey (Greece, with its great variety of plants and flowers, produces different tastes of honey ), Wine (Today you can enjoy a great diversity of Greek wines: red, white, rose, sweet, dry etc. ), Ouzo ( It is the most famous Greek alcohol of Greece and its trademark ), Vinegar (There are variety of tasty natural vinegar made from wine in Greece ), Herbs ( mountain tea, oregano, sage, chamomile, sage, basil, mint, parsley, tilio etc. ), Spices ( sesame -white sesame also-, the cumin, the machlepi and the valuable red saffron ), Nuts ( almonds, pistasamos, dry grapes, sun flower's seeds, melon seeds, hazel-nut, peanuts )

Sweets: There is a large variety of sweets and all of them are very sugary such as Galaktobouriko, Halva, Kataifi, Pasteli etc...

Carpets and rugs: Handmade carpets and rugs have been a part of the Greek tradition for many centuries. Carpets are known since the antiquity, one can even find allusions to them in the Mythology. 

Leather: Leather is a specialty in Greece. Many leather items of all qualities can be found in the everywhere of country: shoes, clothes, sandals, handbags, gloves, hats etc...

Handicrafts: Many traditional handicrafts can be found in Greece: knotted carpets, embroidered cushion covers, woodwork and much more.

Jewelry: Jewel is a Greek tradition dated back to the antiquity. All jewelry shops offer a large variety of jewels: golden or silver jewelries or objects to reproductions of ancient jewelry and ornaments.