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Samos Festivals

The two main festivals in Samos:

Throughout the summer quite a few festivals are organised around the island, the two main ones being "Manolis Kalomoiris" Festival and the "Wine Festival". 

The first one is a cultural festival with many events including well-known musicians and theatrical groups from around the world. The latter is a local festival organised by the Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos and the Municipality of Samos offering all varieties of the local wine - especially the famous sweet wine. 

Local musicians and dancing groups participate and everybody joins in! 

In Samos one of the features of feasts is the speed with which the music starts and the dancing begins. The choice Samian wine lends wings to the feet of the revelers as, hand in hand, they swing into the rhythm of dances such as the “syrtos”, danced usually by girls in a circle. Male dancers take up places at the beginning or the end of the chain. The dancer at each end of the chain has a special name.

On the island at the folk festivals as the folk musicians strike up their merry tunes, the party quickly takes wings. The celebrations start dancing like one big family, whether before or after the festive meal, accompanied by the finest of Samiot wine.