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Monasteries, Churches & Caves in Samos

On the island of Samos the religion takes an important place thus its monasteries and churches are magnificent with exceptional architecture and are established in truly magical locations. They are rich in majestic icon screens, examples of extraordinary woodworking technique, and replete with treasures, books, and icons.

The most important ones are:

in the city of Samos “Zoodohos Pigi” (1756) and “Agia Zoni” (1695), in Kokkari “Panayia Vrontiani” (1566) near the village of Vourliotes, in Pythagorio “Megali Panayia” (1586), near the village of Korumaradei “Timios Stavros” (1582), in Karlovassi “Profitis Iıias” (1625) near the village of Mytilinii, “Agios Yiannis Theologos” (1823), also the ancient temple “Metamorfosis of Sotira” (10th century) near the village of Mavratzei “Agia Triada” (1824), High up on mount Kerkis near the river there is the nunnery of “Evangelismos” (10th century).

On the island of Samos, over 67 large and small caves discovered most of which are found in the western part of the island, on mount Kerkis. The most impressive ones are; near the village of Kosmadei “Kakoperato” , near Marathokampos cave of “Panayia Sarantaskaliotisa”, near the village of Kallithea and at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level “Panayia Makrini” and “Agia Triada”, also near Marathokampos “ cave of Pythagora” which is where, according to the legend, Pythagoras escaped after being chased by the tyrant of Samos, Polycrates; “Panayia Sipiliani” (1836), near Pythagorio and a short distance outside of old Karlovassi “Agios Antonios”. This amazing cave evokes a setting from an ancient tragedy which mixes senses and soul.

Region plays an important role on the island of Samos, thus its monasteries and churches are majestic, with exceptional architecture and are found in truly magical locations. They are replete with magnificent icon screens, examples of exceptional woodworking technique, and are rich in treasures, books and icons. There are 14 more smaller monasteries the so called “Metohia”. Churches are plenty on Samos, some claim them to be over 800 and out of those some deserve our attention. 

In the area of the city of Samos, “ Zoodohos Pigi” ( 1756 ) and “ Agia Zoni “ ( 1695 ); in the area of Kokkari and near the village of Vourliotes is “ Panayia Vrontiani “ ( 1566 ); in the area of Pythagorio “ Megali Panayia “ ( 1586 ), near the village of Koumaradei “ Timois Stavros “ ( 1582 ), near the village of Mavratzei “ Agia Triada “ ( 1824 ), near the village Mytilini and in the area of Karlovassi is “ Profitis Ilias “ ( 1625 ), “ Agios Yiannis Theologos “ ( 1823 ), as well as the ancient temple “ Metamorfosis of Sotira “ ( 10th century ); near the river, high up on mount Kerkis, sits the nunnery of “ Evangelismos “ / 10th century ).

This church is situated in the capital of Samos, Vathy, on the Square of Agios Spyridon.

It is a church of an historic importance because it is the place where the decision to unite Samos with the rest of Greece was taken..

On the feast day of the saint, to whom the chapel is dedicated, on December 12, a local food is served which is made from flour ground up and boiled with meat, butter and onions. It is called "yiorti" (feast).