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Olive oil
The olive trees of Samos are growing on rocky terrain, on mountain slopes and the valleys of the island. They give us their golden oil rich with aromas from the Samian earth and a subtle taste.

Wine is the main product of the island; the famous Muscat Wine is known since antiquity and exported all over the world. The Cooperative Union of Wine Producers of Samos produces this wine.

The honey which is produced in Samos has an unique aroma with the pine and thyme also has a rich flavor.

The cheese production has expressed from the tradition of rearing live stock (sheep, goats) by shepherds to the modern cheese factory of the island where they produce exquisite cheese.

You can find fresh fish daily at the fishing ports in Karlovassi, Marathokambos, Vathy, Pythagorio or from traveling fish venders in almost every villages in Samos, even if there are not a great abundance.

Fruits and Vegetables
Especially in Marathokambos delicious fruits and vegetables are produced all the year round which are irrigated by the mountain springs.

The island has delicious oranges and enough are grown to meet the needs of the entire island. The particular fruit since its production is quite particular in the area of Miloi.

Celebrated Samos ouzo is produced in Vathi and Karlovassi.

It is produced from the stems of the grapes which are left over crushing. The alcoholic beverage is produced by wine makers themselves provided they first obtain a special license as it is intended only for personal use.

The product of handcrafted artistic is a heritage on Samos since antiquity. In the area of Karlovassi you can find craftsmen and their amazing creations.