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Souma, Greek Souma

Souma is a traditional drink made from grapes. After the grapes are pressed, their pulps which are called the “tsipoura” are being used to make “souma”. The pulps of the grapes are put into large barrels with sea water, and are left to ferment. At the end of October, these grapes are boiled in traditional distillers and the steam is collected in tanks. This way, Souma consists more than %40 alcohol, so take it slow when you try, not to get drunk quickly! 

The distillation of souma is a kind of feast that brings everybody together for dancing, singing, laughing etc. The tradition comes from 19th century and still continues today. On the day of distillation of souma, people come together at “kalivia” (farmers’ cabins) around a table full of delicious Greek appetizers and entertain for hours. 

During a dinner at a Greek tavern, you may ask for souma, or it may be served to you complimentary after dinner.