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Greek Tavern
Greek Tavern

Greek Taverns are places of business where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages and also be served food.

Today, in many areas of Greece, celebratory meals, special occasions and family get together are all more likely to occur in local taverns than in people’s homes which means that you, the visitor, can vicariously enjoy the event which may also include live, traditional music and spontaneous dancing and perhaps fireworks.

If you want to try the typically Greek traditional food, the first thing that you have to do is to find a traditional Greek tavern. Delicious Greek foods and wine or ouzo will be great combination. 

Starters: tsatsiki the famous appetizer made out of Yogurt, garlic and cucumbers, the Greek red caviar and then usually fried aubergines, Taramosalata, zucchinis or fried green paprika followed by Tyropitakia (small cheese pies) and various croquettes from cheese (Tyrokroketes), dolmadakia gialantzi (stuffed wine leaves), Horta (Greek dandelions or radices boiled) and zucchini balls flavored with fresh mind (kolokythokeftedes), octopus, salads, sardines, calamari etc...

Main Dishes: Moussaka, stuffed tomatoes, aubergines or paprika, soutzoukakia (meatballs in red sauce), meat dishes from chicken veal and lamb, giouvarlakia ( meatballs with rice in white egg and lemon sauce), Dolmades (stuffed cabbage leaves), grilled meats and fish dishes etc... The fish dishes are the best ones as Samos is a country surrounded by the sea and fishing is a main factor of the Greek agriculture.